Monday, December 16, 2013


Hello everyone. I really didn't get too much out of my garden this week but I did get some!!!

First I harvested 3 heads of butter crunch lettuce that seemed to be ready.

A handful of my pole beans..yes..even though the plants don't look like much they are still producing a little anyway. I'll take what I can get. I will save handfuls at a time and by the end of the week i will put them in stir fry, or sauteed in with carrots and other veggies.

Here I grabbed some more small carrots to put in my homemade chicken pot pie. The green onions I cleaned up and sent them to my neighbor. I rarely use them and I didn't want them to go to waste.

I gave my other flat leaf parsley plant a cutting. I will dry it out and add to my kitchen herbs.

Next I clipped the curled parsley for the same as the flat variety. I love using my own herbs that I've grown and dried myself. Ooops...There is my toes..peek a boo..

Next I clipped some leaves off of my brussel sprout plant. I initially  was going to use them as I do cabbage when i make stuffed cabbage. But I learned my neighbor had family coming into town so I gave the pickings to her. I can always go out there and get more when I'm ready to use them. :-)

Well thats it for this week. I will be doing A LOT of work in the garden this week. My last post was a tour of the garden and what I plan on doing this week. I'm so excited about my newest bed!! 
Thanks for reading!!

Thanks to Daphne for hosting Harvest monday every week. To see what everyone else is harvesting go here and check it out!


  1. We use green onions on our home-made pizza.
    Do Brussels sprouts leaves taste like collards?

  2. I never though of cooking with Brussels sprouts leaves should try that next year.

  3. Do your days stay about the same length, all year long? I wonder if that confused temperate vegetable plants or not...

    1. Its somewhat like the mainland. Although we do not do the daylight savings time thing. So because of that it still gets darker sooner here in the summer than the mainland. Right now it gets dark about six pm. In the summer I think it was like 7pm. I had to recently order short day onion plants.

  4. I'm also a fan of Brussels Tops. I see them as an added bonus once the srouts themselves are finished.

  5. Lovely harvests. Though I couldn't imagine not using onions. My daughter complains that I put them in everything and then she can't feed the leftovers to her dog. And I do. I put them in everything.

  6. I must have misspoke so to Daphne, I use onions in everything I cook as well. I have just never used green onions while cooking. I have no idea why. I guess I am not as familiar with them as I am with the regular big onions? Can they be used the same as the big ones? Do they put the same flavor in the dishes? How many green onions would I use to be comparable to a large say white or yellow onion?