Monday, December 16, 2013

A Tour Of My Little Garden.The positives..and negatives..

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great week. I have been super busy putting together those christmas packages to family with the jams, local chocolate and coffee. I sent out 13 boxes!! I still need to get stamps to send the 50 plus christmas cards out!! OH..and most importantly I need to send Billy and Lisa their packages for Christmas as they will be with their father this holiday while on break from College.

Anyway, I thought I would take pics of my small garden and give you all a tour. The good..and the evil..haha

First up. This is the view I see when I walk out back onto our covered lanai. (back patio in hawaiian) These are most of my herbs. I have trimmed them all considerably but the basil is starting to grow back. Also in the picture is a brussel sprout plant that i started last spring and when i went away it was stunted..and then I started to care for it. Im sure it is not going to produce good veggies but I don't mind watering and feeding it. I also use the leaves for eating so there is something..Also pictured are my shallots. I have never grown them but we will see how they turn out. I have Basil. Flat leaf parsely, Curled parsely, Oregano, chives, and cilantro. These are the herbs I use the most anyway.

This is the first view i see when i come outside.

Here is the view looking onto the lanai from the yard.

To the leftt of the lani against the back of the fence I had these snow pea's growing. They are done now and I will be pulling them and planting more in a new bed.

Continuing along that fence line it squares to the right. I have wax beans in pots along the first half of that side. The color of the leaves I am concerned about. I'm thinking some fertilizer might do the trick before the fruit starts to set anyway. What do you think? 

Continuing on down that fence line I have Tomatoes in Pots. They are all at different stages, and two of which i will be pulling due to the spidermites. Most are beefsteak (the healthy looking ones anyway) The last two just before the fence turns to the right again are the dying plants.

Along the back fence I have more tomatoes. A new planting of cucumbers i am waiting on, and a Lemon tree.

And here is the remainder of that fence line after the last plants. here i have tomato plants, my lemon tree, and my small green house that i use to start certain baby plants.

After standing right there looking at this wall if you turn to your right you will see my two big pots of carrots.

If you turn directly around and look you will see my 4x8 raised square foot garden. In there I have more tomatoes, some peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, more carrots, garlic that will not grow, a few pole beans planted with the tomatoes that i'm waiting on to get corn that is not doing It was my first experiment with a raised if nothing's been fun.

Close up inside that bed I took a pic of the first cabbage I have ever successfully grown thanks to seven..It sure looks pretty to me..Im super excited!!

Next if you cross the sidewalk comming up to the back lanai, You reach the back wall of the garage. First I have my sad...sad..looking pole beans that were almost destroyed from a wind and coldfront..(wasn't that cold for humans..i think it was more the wind) I have also recently in the center added a different type of pole bean. Yardlong variety.

Continuing down the the back wall of the garage, next to the beans I have my Hot pepper plants that I have had so many issues with. I will be taking them out this week and planting new ones and ordering some row covers to protect them once they start to flower.

After this wall the fencing curves to the right and against that fence wall I have a very sad looking Papya tree that got drowned when all that rain came. I will be taking that down. I will dry out the trunk to use somehow in a crafty way. Papaya trees are hollow. Next to the tree is my other sad cucumbers that I will be taking out as well.. I still haven't decided what I will put in those little pots. 

Next if you follow along that fence in between the house and fence I have a raised 3x12 raised bed that I have planted Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, baby bok choy, leeks, and carrots. I just transferred some mature brussell sprouts and Broccoli because they were in small pots and needed constant watering and would get blown over by the wind. hopefully they will survive. I am including 2 pics of each angle.

Finally I have a new small bed that I haven't put dirt in yet. It's 2x6. I will be putting snow peas along one whole length near the edge and will trellis. The rest of the space will be filled with short day onions that I have coming this week. I ordered the variety pack and I'm really excited. I have yet to produce onions anywhere!!  So wish me luck!!

So that is my garden tour. Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!

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