Thursday, December 19, 2013

I need help from you experienced gardners.....

Hello everyone!! I am in need of your help. Can anyone tell me what is doing this to my tomatoes? Almost all are affected and fruit flies are all over the ones affected. Is it something I am doing? I have read that bigger tomatoes are a challenge to grow here but I have issues even with all the cherry varieties as well. During the summer the only type of tomatoes I was able to really enjoy were the red pear type. Its so frustrating because I usually can all of my tomatoes and make everything from marinara, to enchalada sauce. UGH.....I hate store canned tomatoes!! Yet produce even from the farmers markets here are priced high. 

Does anyone know what this is? What is causing it? What I can do about it? I mean exactly what to IF there is a spray or anything..I need to know what kind, anything that would help please!!! Thanks in advance!!

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