Thursday, February 23, 2017

It's been a while...

It's been quite a while since I have blogged about gardening. Things have been pretty busy over the last couple of years but  I look forward to jump back in and start posting about my harvests again. Mostly for myself so that I can read back to posts through the years and see what my challenges have been.

We are now at Fort Benning Ga and I have started this new season of planning what i will try and grow here and seed starting. We first arrived in June 2016 and I soon learned that the climate here is not very good for basically ANY growing of most veggies in the hot summer months from June to late August. I am still limited to container gardening since we are still living on a military base and that absolutely complicates a lot of plants in this heat.

The seeds I have planted include sugar peas, three different types of tomatoes, caesar lettuce, bell peppers, jalapenos, and new mexico peppers. I also planted some garlic on a whim really, hoping it will be successful. Also in the longer planters I have green onions growing from October that has barely made it thus far.

Also I have a couple of pots of very baby brand new basil.  and more of the garlic.

Also a surprise....Hubby had dumped some dead plants behind the air unit in the back yard  that were not so successful from last summer and now it appears if we have green beans growing!

In October I did however plant some Swiss Chard and Kale. The kale however didn't make it through the frost we received here over the winter. The Swiss Chard did somehow make it although the plants are small and the leaves smaller. They taste great though and I am now getting enough to add to a salad now and then.  These pics are after i harvested the we lil plants. lol

And of course the pics of my little harvest this week! 

Mmmmm...these smell good mommy!!

These are MINE!...Yeah...I sniffed them first!...MINE! 

That is Darcy. She thinks she owns everything in the house. And it's a battle keeping her from eating  any muffin or cupcake in the house. 

Hope anyone who might read this is having a great time gardening or planning!!


  1. Hi! It was so nice of you to visit and comment on my blog. I hope you will return. Our growing season has not started outside yet but soon. We just moved into this house with the little courtyard in January. Went from clay and mostly sun to sand and not a lot of sun! I am sure I will be making lots of mistakes. Good luck to you on growing in a new area! Nancy

    1. Hi nancy! Your welcome. And thanks for stopping by. I noticed that you may originally hail from Michigan? I grew up in the Detroit metro area. Good luck with your new home!

  2. It's good to see you posting again! Hot summer weather can sure make it tough on plants. Our weather isn't quite so extreme but everything tends to take a break in July and August, except for maybe peppers and eggplant - if I keep them watered. One of our cats is interested in things I bring in from the garden, including garlic!