Monday, January 6, 2014

Harvest Monday...I'm a little late..been so busy this week..Jan 6th.

I have been so busy around here with life that i never got a chance until just now to comment on the comments that were left last week. I apologize for that!! I've started back with my comic book obsession...I buy archie comics on ebay...LOL It's getting pretty bad too...

Anyway. I picked some new things this week!!! The first I have never tried bokchoy!!

I'll have to let you know what I think once I taste it cooked. I crunched on a stalk and it really doesn't taste like anything really so i wonder if what ever you cook with it..if it takes on the taste. ??

THEN...Because I have never grown it before i was so excited about this...Spinach!!
Of course me..being me..I picked them with small leaves..Do they get any bigger? I wouldn't know. I have only eaten the spinach in salads..not cooked..

Then some regular's came to the party..
More baby carrots..the last from that batch that I planted. I have a lot more bunches planted but they won't be ready for a while..I will miss them...

Then one of my stir fry favorites..
These are part of an experimental small container that I first grew to see how well they do here in hawaii. They seem to do just I have a ton planted everywhere with other things..I even picked up and planted different varieties..Can't wait for those to mature to get a peek..

And Finally...and i did jump the gun and pick a tad too soon...Yellow Bush Beans!! YAY
Cant' tell by the picture but one of them at least is really yellow..Next week I should have at least a handful or more to show you all.

Well that's all for now...I'm going over to Daphne's dandelions to check out everyone elses postings...Here is the link:


  1. Hi! I have never grown baby bok choy either so no help from me. Perhaps Daphne can help there! But I do love spinach. Most of my leaves have been small but I think there is a kind that does get big! It must be nice to be in Hawaii about now! It is about 11 below here tonight and that is not even counting the wind factor! At least I can enjoy looking at your harvest!! Nancy

  2. Ooooh that's cold!! lol Sometimes I miss the cold weather..but mostly I grew up in Michigan with lots of snow. I only miss the snow around christmas..

  3. I am also getting obsess with comics, Japanese Manga to be exact. Read them almost every day while breastfeeding my toddler.
    Your harvest look really good!