Thursday, December 5, 2013

Painting Tree Pod Canoes

This morning on the way to walk the boys to school we collected a bunch of these pods that fall from tree's here in Wahiawa. The boys love to collect them. When seeing them at first they are closed but once they dry they open up like little canoes!

 Well I got a call from the school saying one of my boys was running a slight fever. I walk them to and from school usually. Because I would be unable to walk back to the school to get one of them with a sick child, my hubby picked them both up and brought them both home. Due to him having a busy afternoon at work  he wouldn't be able to return to the school either. So instead of getting garden chores done and other tasks I would normally do around the house while they are at school, I decided to set up some fun craft time for them to keep busy.

I got out the paints and used old post office boxes for them to do their projects on. They LOVED IT!

They both seemed to really take it serious and talked with each other about details each had for painting their canoes. They did get some paint on the back patio but it's acrylic so it won't be that hard to scrub off. You know I don't always do things like this with my children and I really enjoyed watching them and seeing their excitement. I guess from now on we will be looking for nature type craft items from now on when on our way to and from school. Now I just need to paint mine!! lol 

Here are the finished canoes!!

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