Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JAMMIN in Hawaii for Christmas!!

Since living here we have really enjoyed all the fresh fruits and veggies from the local growers. So this holiday season I came up with a plan to do a Hawaiian Christmas gift package idea to send to all of our family. I usually make all our jelly and jam's. Whether it be from frozen juice concentrate or local fresh fruits. What better gift than to share this with our family back home? What will the packages consist of you ask? First a variety of jam's that I have made myself from locally grown fruits. Here is a pick of them all.

Starfruit, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, and kiwi.

So then I thought..What else represents the islands here? Hawaiian Host Chocolates of course!! So we picked up a bunch of boxes as well. And finally, we also plan on putting in some local Coffee from a grower that is close to us. Their coffee tastes amazing!! 

For my sister that loves that I grow a lot of my own herbs and dry them I will stick in her box some dried basil, and parsley. Also Some pickled hot peppers that I actually finally managed to preserve after figuring out that i had to pick them early before the evil flying creatures laid larva in them. (thats' another post entirely) 

I am super excited about Christmas this year even though there is no chance of snow here. We like to call the rain our snow. lol It rains much more here in the winter than the summer. I have a papaya tree in a pot that got flooded this past weekend due to my absent mindedness. YES..I forgot to drill holes or even take off the bottom to let the water out. I KNOW..I KNOW....I need to find the keys to the garage door, (hubby locks it so the boys cant get in there), and get his drill and save the darn thing! Its much too heavy now for me to lift and try and take the bottom thing off (yet again...another post) 

So what are you all planning for the holidays? See? I am assuming that someone out there is reading this..haha...

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