Monday, May 22, 2017

Harvest Monday May 22, 2017

This last week was a busy one in the garden. Not pictured is a grocery brown bag filled with swiss chard, kale, lettuce, squash, and a couple of banana peppers that i took to a woman that  i see at yoga and zumba classes i attend. She was super happy. Also.... apparently everyone else was shocked that I grow things in a garden???? lol

Anyway, Here are some pics of what I was blessed with this week. Snow peas!!! YAY!!!

Green Beans....

Which I canned...with the help of Darcy of course...

Last weeks peppers that i pickled and canned...

This past weeks peppers to include the first jalapeno!! 

Parsley that I picked to dry...

Cucumbers and a small squash...(cukes are already gone...ate them after pic was

Last but not least....The first cherry tomatoes of this season!! whoop whoop!!! lol

The weather here has been exactly 92 degrees most of this last week. Thankfully things should cool down to the mid 80's this coming week with some much needed rain. Sadly for me here in Georgia my garden will probably come to a halt come mid summer due to the extreme heat. So i am enjoying what i can now. 

Happy Harvest Monday to all!!! I'm linking this post to the harvest monday hosted by Our Happy Acres. Go check out all the harvests this week!! 


  1. You've got a great variety of veggies coming in from the garden! I love those snow peas. Ours are blooming so we should have some soon.

  2. Excellent harvest! I'm craving those warm season veggies but will be happy with my spring veggies for now. One can dream.... =)

  3. Oh wow, your summer garden is in full swing. I love that you're still harvesting snow peas while the tomatoes and cucumbers are coming in.

  4. It will be quite a while before we manage to harvest those types of crops.