Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

I know i usually post about garden stuff  but thought I would share what we did for christmas eve at our house last night.

First...I did a lot of Baking!!

doughnuts from scratch. The recipe makes over 50, most were eaten and given to my neighbor before the pic was taken.

homemade sugar cookies for Santa...

After putting together the gingerbread house the boys enjoyed homemade mini pizza's and virgin pina colada's (a tradition in our family even before living in

The boys watching Polar Express while Dad was cleaning up and Mom was icing the last of the cookies.

The boys opening gifts from family and friends..before taking showers, feeding the raindeer and going to bed.

Presents under the tree late at night..

The view the children seen when coming down the stairs this morning!!

We have and are still having a most blessed Christmas this year. Only things missing are the two oldest children Billy and Lisa who are in college on the mainland and celebrating the season with their dad and other family this year. 

Hope everyone's holidays are as joyous as ours!!!!

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